Friday, October 19, 2012

Before and after - Bathroom

It's been a little while since I have done a before and after and as we finally discovered the photos we took before the strip out and demolition, I thought it was a good time for a bathroom before and after.

The agent described the room that became our main bathroom and ensuite as the house's kitchen. The basis for claiming it as a kitchen seems to be a strategically placed microwave and access to a sink just outside the room. It brings to mind contract law classes at uni when we learnt about 'mere puffery' in relation to the subject matter of a contract.

A more accurate description of the space is 'the panic room'. You'll see why in a minute.

This was the shelving that was dressed as the kitchen. To give the stylist who dressed the property for sale credit, the shelves were enticingly stacked with Le Creuset  pots as if to say "of course this is a real kitchen. It's full of fancy french cookware." Never mind that there was nowhere to actually cook.

This is the microwave that made the room a kitchen. Kind of them to leave it behind.

This is the ceiling in the room. It's padded. Yes, padded. Can you see the wiring in the top right hand corner? Now to be fair, I suspect it was used as a sound recording room, but you can see why I call it the panic room, can't you? Especially as the door couldn't easily have been knocked down to get into it from the outside.

This is the room now. Our main bathroom. No more padding on the ceiling and it's actually a functioning bathroom. As opposed to a non-functioning kitchen.

The vanity has replaced the shelves.

Instead of wiring as thick as your arm we have a shower.

And the bath now lives where the microwave used to.

Just a little bit different.