Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walls? What walls?

Finally. We've started. That's right - started. We have development approval, a construction certificate and all manner of random permits from the Council. What we no longer have is internal walls. We're also missing the odd external one too. In fact, our kitchen only has two walls at the moment.

This is looking out from the living room to the roof terrace. To the left is a non-existent kitchen wall. When it's finished, that should be a wall of louvres. Where I am standing will be a floor to ceiling window.

This is looking back to the kitchen from the terrace. You can see the lack of walls! The wall immediately in front of me will be bi-fold doors. The entrance to the kitchen from the living area will be where the old shower recess.

Another gratuitous kitchen shot. I'm quite taken with the lack of walls at the moment. It gives the illusion of significant progress.

This is looking back through the kitchen to the terrace. Instead of the dodgy hedging around the edge we'll have some nice timber privacy screens.

Moving downstairs, we're missing the wall that was in the entrance. It's completely opened up what will be the downstairs living area and even without all the louvres in it is much lighter.

A different view of the downstairs living space. The solid wall will become the hallway through to the bathrooms and main bedroom and the french doors will become louvres onto the internal courtyard.

This is the main bedroom - or dead plant dumping ground as the case may be.

It's boring stuff like footings next, so I'm really pleased we have some missing walls to focus on for the next little while. After so long with nothing happening I'm a little eager for visible progress. Poor builder.

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