Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Full steam ahead

THIS is what the courtyard, downstairs living and hallway looked like a week or so ago.

THIS is what it looks like now! A slab - a big, solid slab ready to be polished and for louvers and doors to go in.

Finally the downstairs is really taking shape. Even though we knew where everything would be once the slab was poured, it's so much easier to get a feel for things when you can walk up the hallway or step into the courtyard just the way you would when it's finished. It feels so much bigger - and I can almost smell the roses climbing up the courtyard wall!

In the immediately foreground of the picture is the living area (I think it will become mainly a TV room), the sunken area behind that is the courtyard and off to the left of that is the hallway and bathrooms.

Believe it or not we're only about a month away from moving in. We. Can't. Wait!

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