Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween ... and Christmas

Halloween doesn't seem as big in our new suburb as it did our old one, but we still managed to celebrate ourselves - and even carve our first pumpkin. Now that Halloween is over, however, it's definitely the countdown to Christmas.

I'm a huge Christmas tragic at the best of times, but the thought of our first Christmas in our new house is inordinately exciting. I'm struggling not to whip the decorations out right now and decorate the house.

It's our third Christmas in Sydney and the first we can actually use our big tree. Gosh I hope it hasn't gone all mouldy! Mr Puddleduck is - I suspect - heartily sick of me 'workshopping' ideas for where we should set it up. By workshopping I mean yammering at him about possible spots while pretending to take on board his thoughts. I mean I really am interested in his thoughts, but I just know he's not quite as fussed as I am.

There's no actual point to this post, just, you know, random excitement about Christmas!


  1. We've just moved to Sydney (well, in the process of it, anyway. I'm holed up the Quest as I write) and Kylie gave me your blog address... and from a fellow hydrangea loving Christmas tragic, I'm so glad she did! I'll be reading along with interest :)

  2. Oh I'm so excited she did - your blog is fabulous! I can commiserate with the Cbr-Sydney downsize, but it's an exciting adventure for sure (and skip companies make a fortune!). Here's to hydrangeas, Christmas and Sydney :)