Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project - Kitchen rearranging

The layout of the kitchen has been bothering me for a while. The benches running under the louvers just weren't quite right. I had to keep them totally free of anything in order for the kitchen to look decent when I looked through from the living area. They also blocked some of the view through to our deck.

I also didn't like looking back inside and seeing the pantry on the wall. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it wasn't quite right.

So it was time for a change.

The benches are now on the wall where the pantry was. I love them there for the main reasons. Firstly, if I don't clean up after dinner until the next day I can't see the mess on the bench from the living room. Secondly, I can use the far end of the bench for storing chopping boards as appliances. Finally, it looks better from the deck and gives us much more room. All it needs is a nice bright print for the wall.

The pantry is now next to the fridge and that's working quite well too.

You might also notice I have ditched the little blackboards. They were cute and I loved them, but they didn't cope well with the inevitable grease. So we've put up some glass to act as a splash back.

Having used it in the new layout for about a week, I think this is pretty close to the layout we will use when we get around to putting in a proper kitchen. I also really like the effect of the yellow in between the stainless steel of the fridge and oven. Definitely much better than just against a white wall.

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