Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Next step was the frames. The timber for them had been around for ages and I have to confess I was incredibly keen to see them finally go up and get a sense of the rooms - especially the two front bedrooms downstairs.

So once the frame went up in between them we spent a fair bit of time stepping out how big they were and working out what might go where. Needless to say we didn't really reach any firm conclusions and furniture will no doubt be moved around countless times before we are happy.

It was also really great to see the wooden frames for the kitchen windows go in. As the kitchen windows and door to the back deck are a big feature of the house it felt a little as though we were a little closer to actually having a finished space.

It was a slightly bittersweet moment when the floor upstairs was pulled up. I had really wanted to keep it in all its wonky and dilapidated glory. Especially knowing it was original and had been there when the house was a Cartwright's. However, the builder promised me he would find equally imperfect, yet structurally sound timber to replace it. So I said goodbye to the floor.

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