Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The home stretch?

When the aluminium window frames went in it really started to feel like we were on the home stretch. And just quietly so it should have, it was only about a month until we had to get out of our rented house.

As the frames were going in, the sheeting was being done so that the glazier could come back and do the glazing. It really was starting to come together and feel like the house we had imagined.

While all of this Puddleduck and I went shopping for our temporary kitchen. Apparently this wasn't as exciting for a three year old as it was for me!

Here's a picture of our kitchen in boxes in the middle of the floor of Puddleduck's room. The new timber is Blackbutt and is all ready to be sanded and polished.

I also went shopping for an oven. It turned out to be too big to fit through the front door. Oops. Although, given it is very pretty and cleans itself from top to bottom, I have to confess I didn't really feel as guilty as I should have about workmen and delivery men having to hoist it over the deck wall.

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