Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gutted - downstairs

And we've begun! Our builder and his highly efficient team moved in this week and ripped out all the crazy shelves and leftovers from our house's time as an office. All of a sudden it's starting to look a little more like it could be a home. This is where our downstairs living space will be - they've pulled out the ugly orange shelving, the carpet and destroyed the stud wall that hid this faux fireplace.

This is the downstairs living space looking onto the internal courtyard. At the moment it's a tad hideous, but when we enclose it with some lovely glass louvers and create a hallway around it I think it will be simply stunning. As the downstairs has very few windows and no real ventilation, it will also be an incredibly practical element of the design.

This is Puddleduck's room without the desks and shelves and cupboards ... let's call it a blank canvas!

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