Friday, July 8, 2011

Kitchen - use your imagination

This is the outside of our kitchen. Well, it's the outside of the bedroom that is going to become our kitchen. Picture, if you will, folding doors leading out onto the terrace and a wall of louvers that will send light flooding into the kitchen and the internal courtyard downstairs. Struggling? Never mind. I understand.

See that hole in the wall (no, not one of mine)? Behind there is the kitchen. That's not where the entry will be (it will be slightly off to Puddleduck's right) but our builder had to knock through there to get rid of an ugly feature wall. I do like being able to peek through from the living area though - it gives me a little bit of an idea of how it will flow when it's all finished.

This is where the room currently opens to the terrace and where the bifold doors will go. I'm already picturing summer barbecues on the terrace...


  1. It's going to look amazing Katherine! I love the terrace, it will be beautiful looking out onto it. I can't wait to see more pics! Have fun doing it!!!

  2. Thanks Gem - I really can't wait to get stuck in. Or for it to be finished!

  3. When do we get to see a picture of the famous view that I heard about on the weekend?

  4. Grace the view is still only a 'potential' one, but rest assured if we ever get around to a third storey I'll post pics!