Monday, May 14, 2012

Before, during and nearly done: Living Room

We've always said the upstairs living room was the room we weren't really doing much to - although when I was going through the photos this week I realised that although we haven't changed the dimensions at all, the room isn't exactly as untouched as I'd thought.

 This is it a few weeks after settlement (and after I had started attacking that heinous green carpet). 

This is it after the builders did their first big strip out.

 This is it before the new floorboards were laid and before the new gyprocking went on the walls (oh if only that brick was in good enough condition to leave exposed!).

 This is it with the sheeting done and the floors laid and waiting to be stained and polished.

And this is with freshly finished floors.

So as it turns out, our untouched room isn't really all that untouched afterall.


  1. OMG it's The Block.... breath Katrina. Arrghhhh! Just kidding. Good luck xo

  2. Haha - if I had to finish one of these rooms a week i'd go mad! It looks so easy when other people are doing it ;) Thanks for popping by!!