Thursday, May 17, 2012


Now that the bones of the house are there, I'm starting to decorate. It's beyond tempting to buy as much paint and prints and wallpaper as I can lay my hands on, but I'm trying to take it slowly. So I started with the smallest room in the house - the powder room.

I didn't take a before shot (I was too excited), but imagine, if you will, plain white walls (Dulux Peplum). If I was remotely technologically savvy I'd photoshop out the blooms and pretend I had a 'before' shot. But I'm not so it's imagination or nothing, I'm afraid.

I got the blooms from byrdiegraphics on Etsy and I can't tell you how much fun I had putting them up. I should pretend they were quite the decorative feat to apply, but they were incredibly easy to for an amateur like me. 

A good first step in my journey to full blown wallpapering. Did you hear that? That was the sound of Mr Puddleduck groaning at the thought of me and rolls of wallpaper and glue.

My next little project is going to be a workspace for me. Mr Puddleduck has a nook near the internal courtyard (that he maintains does not need my special touch - ha!) so I have decided to commandeer this space in the spare room.

First things first I need a chair (I borrowed this one from Mr Puddleduck - gorgeously decorated by Puddleduck in her signature colour). Do I want plush, modern, white, coloured? Do I contrast with the desk or do I complement it?

The current plan for the vast expanse of white wall to the left is to put some wallpaper in big white frames and hang them along the length of the wall. But that's about the extent of existing plans.

I'm considering some sort of small cabinet or bookcase next to the desk to put my fabric (don't laugh, Mum) and prints in. I have quite a few pinboards that I've made and collected over the years so I'm going to experiment and see what one fits the best off to the side of the desk.

I do so love a good project!

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