Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moral Dilemma

Ever since I used the Waterfall Ruffle curtains from UrbanOutfitters in Puddleduck's bedroom I've been in love with them. Their flouncy girlishness is all but irresistible. So it was perhaps inevitable that I would decide they were perfect for our front living room windows.

Despite being a Victorian terrace, all Victorian features had long since disappeared when we bought it - if it ever had them. As a Cartwright's workshop I guess there is every chance there was no decorative detail when it was built. Anyway, my point is, as the room and windows are very stark it became obvious very quickly that we needed curtains to soften them.

As a general rule, I hate curtains. So it became quite the dilemma. Not, however, the moral dilemma to which I refer in the title. Oh no.

My dilemma came about after I gleefully ordered several of the waterfall curtains and was excitedly anticipating their ruffly arrival. Because our ceilings are higher than standard, I had ordered extra curtains and was going to chop some up and sew them onto the bottom of others (don't laugh, Mum).

Then I received an email from UO demanding I go through an order verification process. I had been randomly selected - what fun! Order verification required either ringing them (my phone doesn't make international calls) or sending them a copy of my ID and my most recent credit card statement with my address on it. ARE THEY MAD????????????????

What tipped me over the edge, though, was the final sentence in their email "you should be aware that we are not holding your items for you while we wait for you to go through this verification". You're kidding, right?

So. I climbed up onto my high horse and let them know what I thought of such ridiculous process and told them to cancel my order and I would never ever buy from them again.

Oh dear. But I really wanted those curtains. But I said I would never ever buy from them again. But how dare they demand my credit card statement and ID (HELLO IDENTITY THEFT)? But nowhere else sells them (except on Etsy for a gazillion dollars).

I ummed and ahhed and lusted for a whole two weeks. Mr Puddleduck maintained I had to suck it up and reorder them. "But what if they have a BIG RED FLAG AGAINST MY ACCOUNT?". He laughed at me.

I contemplated creating a new account. I contemplated ordering them in Mr Puddleduck's name and having them sent to his chambers (because there is nothing a man loves more than a delivery of flounce to a very serious workplace). But eventually I sucked it up and reordered. And held my breath.

I logged into my account last night (would they notice and wreak havoc on my curtain plans again??) and the order status said "Included in Shipment". That sounded promising ... I went to sleep hoping for the best.

This morning I got an email telling me they were on their way! WOO HOO!

And we shall never speak of this again.

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