Friday, May 18, 2012


Forgive my numptyish somewhat artistic arranging of these images from WallCandy Wallpaper, but I thought I'd share my current shortlist of wallpaper to be hung in frames in the spare room.

Because the white we have in the room throws to mauve, I've been looking for something in a muted purple or purpley grey.

The yellow is a ring-in because I just loved it. I think even if it doesn't make the cut for the spare room it's going to have to go somewhere.

And I just can't get those gorgeous flamingos out of my head!

What do you think would look best in a frame to liven up a big white wall?


  1. Why don't you throw convention and discreet tone-in-tone colours and patterns overboard and take your flamingoes and white roses on yellow? If the wall is white and provides enough space, the stronger contrasts and motives will be refreshingly quirky!

  2. Maija - I was thinking about this last night after I saw your comment. I initially planned to do three of those big (70 x 100cm) Ribba frames from IKEA. But if I did the flamingoes and roses I think I'd need to do smaller frames but more of them? The wall is about 2.9m high and just over 4m long but the effective length to use is about 2.5-3m. What do you think?

    Mel - I think that one is called Pemberley so it's a favourite of mine too!